Büdchen-Action meets legends in a can? Yes, we can!


For the nationwide launch of the Jack Daniel’s Coca-Cola Ready-to-Drink can in Germany, FISCHER PLUS GROUP takes charge of the attention-grabbing action campaign. With maximum street credibility, the cool promoters take over numerous kiosks in Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg, bringing beats and goodies to spread good vibes.


Brand Activation


Doors open, beats on, pulse up: Ready to “WOW” was the motto of the Jack Daniel’s x Coca Cola Kiosk Takeover in numerous kiosks in German cities. In a young, stylish look with branded caps, hats, and hoodies, the promoter teams arrived in black vans in SWAT-style in the early afternoon. The surprised passersby at the centrally located kiosks were delighted with the distributed Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola goodies – of course, high-proof beverages were only given to adults! – and best party mood. Onboard the promo vans was a boombox with a specially created party playlist, providing the perfect soundtrack for the successful guerrilla actions to come. While the JDCC logo was sprayed with chalk onto the sidewalk using stencils, other “gang” members stocked the kiosk’s refrigerators with JDCC ready-to-drink cans!


Attention, positive brand associations, and friendly interaction with the charming promoters – the Kiosk Takeovers implemented in partnership with HaebMau generate a lot of buzz on-site and online. Because after the “Oh!” and the “ssssch” when opening the perfectly chilled Jack Daniel’s Coca-Cola ready-to-drink cans by the passersby, quickly followed the “Hmmm!” from the recipients. The result: a successful launch, smooth organization of vans, permits, personnel, and logistics in the hands of the FISCHER PLUS GROUP, and a concept that hit the bullseye, not least thanks to the cheerful and open communication of the hostesses with kiosk owners, passersby, and interested parties!


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